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July 15, 2020



We are delighted to be able to meet you in the cyber information world. We realized that with the current sophisticated technology one can easily obtain information from all over the world. Information becomes necessary for daily activities. Consequently, in order to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely information, Bank Indonesia has established a website that is accessible to the public over here and overseas since 1998.


Bank Indonesia web site has gained positive response from the public over here and overseas. With website technology, information dissemination, as a way of showing Bank Indonesia transparency and accountability, becomes more efficient and effective, as it is broadly accessible by simple and inexpensive implementation.


The public considers Bank Indonesia website as one of the most reliable sources of information about economy, monetary, banking and payment system. It is reflected in the positive feedback received by Bank Indonesia Public Relations. Of course, we appreciate it and we thank you for the critiques and advice, which are very helpful in improving Bank Indonesia website.


In line with the aspiration and expectation of the public, we continue developing the website, by improving the design with the latest innovation, new format, and enriched information. This new design will assist the public more in finding information. We therefore launch the new design of Bank Indonesia website. Hopefully, it can become one of the most reliable sources of economic information.






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