Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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October 02, 2020


The achievement of Bank Indonesia vision as the central bank institution which is credible and the best in the region requires the support of high performance of Bank Indonesia Human Resources conduct, which has integrity, is honest and professional. The non-availability aspects of those conducts will not only potentially impede the performance achievement, but also can lead to legal risk and reputation risk so as to result in distrust of the stakeholders or public to the implementation of duties and authorities mandated to Bank Indonesia. This is considering that the institution credibility is closely related to the public trust toward the human resources conducts in the institution.

Integrated, honest, and professional conducts constitute the process of character creation in the working environment that requires time and process. Therefore, in order that the process of adaptation moves toward the expected direction, a regulation that clearly governs the ethics and norms of conduct is required and to be put into effect comprehensively for all human resources, simultaneously with the process of enforcement consistently.

In observing the current condition, the vision of BI henceforth, and the risks of reputation and legal that might arise from the conducts that are not explicitly and clearly governed, the conducts and actions of Bank Indonesia employees shall be regulated in details in the rules of code of ethics and code of conduct of Bank Indonesia. This regulation is to be enforced comprehensively for all human resources of BI, namely BI employees, staff employed by BI, and Members of the Board of Governors, and also former employees of certain ranks and former Members of the Board of Governors for the cooling-off period rules. This regulation include the norms of moral and standard of conducts in accordance with the needs of Bank Indonesia, and which is believed to be able to create Bank Indonesia HR which has high performance, is integrated, honest and professional. The implementation of code of ethics and code of conduct rules of Bank Indonesia shall be actualized in public and working environment by:

  1. enforcing integrity and professionalism,
  2. avoiding conflicts of interest,
  3. maintaining self reliance and impartiality,
  4. playing fair, and
  5. maintaining the norms of conduct, ethics, and also behavior in society. 


Every violation toward the code of ethics and code of conduct as well as the applicable system and procedures shall be imposed with a disciplinary sanction. The enforcement of discipline shall be carried out by imposition of light, medium, and heavy sanctions depending on the violation conducted by the employees.

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