Retail Sales Survey Continued to Face Headwind - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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March 18, 2018

The Retail Sales Survey confirmed weaker annual sales growth in February 2017 compared to conditions one month earlier, indicated by Real Sales Index (RSI) growth of 3.7% (yoy), down from 6.3% (yoy) the month earlier. Weaker retail sales affected foods and non-foods, while retailers in Jakarta and Denpasar disclosed the most significant sales downturn.

Respondents predicted RSI growth to slow in March 2017 to 2.6% (yoy), affecting foods and non-foods. Retailers predicted food sales to decelerate from 5.1% (yoy) to 4.9% (yoy), and non-foods sales to experience a -0.7% (yoy) contraction in contrast to the 1.8% (yoy) growth posted in February 2017.

Retailers predicted a build-up of inflationary pressures on goods and services in the next three months (May 2017), with the corresponding 3-month Price Expectations Index (PEI) observed to climb from 134.1 to 140.4. In contrast, retailers predicted milder inflationary pressures in August 2017, reflecting a drop in the 6-month PEI from 132 to 131.3.

The complete data concerning the Indonesia’s external Retail Sales Survey can be found in Bank Indonesia website.



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