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July 22, 2019
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05-12-2013 Circular Letter No. 15/49/DPKL concerning Lembaga Pengelola Informasi Perkreditan (Credit Bureau) 9479
24-10-2013 Bank Indonesia Regulation No.14/15/PBI/2012 - Concerning Assessment Of Commercial Bank Asset Quality 17611
19-10-2013 Bank Indonesia Regulation No.12/21/PBI/2011 - Concerning Bank Business Plan 7917
18-10-2013 Bank Indonesia Regulation No.14/14/PBI/2012 - Concerning Bank Report Transparency and Publication 8106
01-10-2013 Circular No. 15/41/DKMP concerning Calculation of Secondary Reserve Requirements and Reserve Requirements by Loan to Deposit Ratio in Rupiah 7302
26-09-2013 Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 15/7/PBI/2013 on The Second Amendment tp Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 12/19/PBI/2010 on Reserve Requirement of Commercial Banks with Bank Indonesia In Rupiah and Foreign Currencies 7919
24-09-2013 Circular No. 15/40/DKMP concerning Risk Management Application to Banks Providing Credit Extension or Property Ownership Financing, Consumption Credit or Financing with Collateralized Property, and Motorized Vehicle Credit or Financing 7125
18-02-2013 Bank Indonesia Regulation No.15/1/PBI/2013 Concerning Credit Bureau 13782
28-12-2012 Bank Indonesia Regulation No.14/27/PBI/2012 - Concerning Implementation of Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Program for Commercial Bank
27-12-2012 Circullar Letter No.14/37/DPNP - Minimum Capital Requirement based on Risk Profile and Fulfillment of Capital Equivalency Maintained Assets (CEMA) 12416
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