Auction of Bank Indonesia Certificate (SBI) - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
September 23, 2020

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Auction Result of SBI dan SBIS for 13-Oct-2010

Overall Indicative Target62.0000.555
Received Offer52.139523.918723.91871.576
Range of Bid Rate6.15% - 6.75%6.65% -7.00%6.80% -7.25%-
Absorbed Amount1023.49872.951.576
Stop Out Rate6.45% (proporsional 3.54%)6.75% (full amount)6.85% (full amount)-
Weighted Average SBI's Auction6.369676.731766.84237-
Return of SBIS---6.36967
Settlement Date14-Oct-201014-Oct-201014-Oct-201014-Oct-2010
Due Date13-Jan-201114-Apr-201114-Jul-201112-Jan-2011
Frequency of Auction218592011
- Tenor in days amount
- Overall Indicative Target, Received Offer and Absorbed Amount in Billion Rupiah
- Range of Bid Range, Weighted Average SBI's Auction, and SBIS Rate of Return in % (percent)
- Frequency of Auction in transaction unit​
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