Vision and Mission - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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September 26, 2020
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Becoming a prominent world-class learning and research institution that strategically contributes to fostering the quality and dignified human resources and being able to realize a just and prosperous nation.

strategically contributes to fostering theand dignified human resourc


Providing a conductive learning and research atmosphere in developing capable human resources in the economic and financial sectors through managing the best faculty and nurturing beneficially strategic partnerships supported by leading infrastructures.


2015 - 2016
Phase 1 : Laying Foundation
​2017 - 2018
Phase 2 : Accelerating
2019 - 2024​
Phase 3: Advancing
  1. Establish a standardised curriculum and learning syllabus
  2. Partnership with prominent institutions
  3. Develop infrastructure (Learning and Knowledge Management System, LMS-KMS, e-library, modern learning facilities)
  1. Integrate the LMS and learning program with the Human Capital Management System (HRIS).
  2. Integrated learning (webinar and e-learning).
  3. Academic and frontier research.
  4. Strengthen strategic cooperation with prominent institutions.
  5. International publications
  1. Learning and research ecosystem in the organisational culture.
  2. Centre of learning and research as a reference for the stakeholders. 
  3. Main collaborator of the central bank partnership
  4. Frontier research with international qualifications.  
  5. Leading ideas that contribute into national economic policy recommendations



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