4 Main Pillars - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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July 14, 2020


Bank Indonesia Institute provides learning programs to enhance Bank Indonesia employee’s competence in the area of central banking, management, and leadership skills. Some of Bank Indonesia institute’s learning programs are also open for external stakeholders. Our blended learning approach combines lectures, experiential learning (i.e. case study, role play, simulation), and project assignment which suited adult participant’s learning style.

8 Principles of the Learning Program

o    Aligning with the vision, mission, strategic values and strategy of Bank Indonesia;

o    Combining concepts and theories with applications and practices;

o    Adopting the latest strategic issues through continuous learning;

o    Combining central banking, managerial and leadership knowledge;

o    Referring to management career paths;

o    Utilising expert teachers in their field;

o    Applying a tiered curriculum according to echelon; and

o    Evaluating and continuous improvement.

Structure of the Learning Program

On Boarding Program

Competencies Development Program

Career Advancement Program

Transition Program

Partnership Program

Education programs to prepare new recruits with the necessary knowledge and skills for seamless integration into Bank Indonesia.

A program to equip employees with technical, managerial and leadership competence in line with the assigned job family.


Special program given to the potential employees for higher level positions. The program combines substance, managerial and leadership materials in line with employee’s designated position.

Special program provided to employees on special task or assignment, including for employees entering retirement period.

Cooperation program with prominent national and international institutions in the form of flagship programs, seminars, workshops and public classes.

Learning Moduls:

Structures Modul Competencies Development Program ( Mandatory)



1.     Introduction to Central Banking  - I

2.     Introduction to Central Banking  - II

   3.     Digital Economy (Digital Awareness)

  4.     Digital Economy (Digital Awareness)

1.     Basic Supervisory Development

2.     Senior Supervisory Development

3.     Team Leadership Development

4.     Organizational Leadership Development




Moneter - Market

Financial System Stability

Payment System, Currency Management

Corporate Enabler

1.   Central Bank Statistics

2.   Quantitative Method

3.   Monetary Policy

4.   Reserve Management

5.   Monetary Operation and Exchange Rate Management

6.   Regional Economics

7.   Macroeconomics Analysis

1.   Macroprudential Analysis

2.   Microprudential Analysis

3.   Financial Crisis Management

4.   SMEs and Financial Inclusion

5.   Macroprudential Supervision

1.   Payment System and Cash Management

2.   High Value Payment System

3.   Retail Payment Sytem

4.   Cash Management

5.   Licensing, Regulation and Supervision

6.   Security Feature and Counterfeit

7.   Accounting and Settlement for Monetary Operation

1.    Strategic Management

2.    Audit &Risk Management

3.    Policy Communication

4.    Central Bank Finance

5.    HR Management

6.    Legal

7.    Information System

8.    Procurement &Logistic

9.    Organization  Support




1.     Professional Writing Skill

2.     Professional Negotiation Skill

3.     Data Analysis and Visualization

4.     Integrated Presentation Management

5.     Introduction to Digital Economy

6.     Effective Public Speaking

7.     Communication in Digital Era

8.     Leading Across Generation

9.     Stakeholder Management

10.   Self and Team Leadership based on Neurosciences

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