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October 02, 2020

Half-Day Tour

This half-day tour is a tour designed for participants to enjoy and visit the beauty of Jakarta Old Town Batavia (the ancient name of Jakarta) and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Buses will be provided to take the participants to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. However, the tour to Jakarta Old Town will be by foot since the area is in the vicinity of Museum Bank Indonesia. The tour to Jakarta Old Town will include visiting Museum Fatahillah, Museum Wayang, and Museum Keramik & Seni Rupa. Jakarta Old Town in the 16th century was an important area, a center of the city and trade in Asia. This was a trading entrance path of trade as its location was strategic which was close to Sunda Kelapa Port. Currently, this area is a tourim area, and some historical heritage building are utilised as museums. 

Below are the destinations of half day tour:  

Museum Sejarah Jakarta

shopculiner2.png Museum Sejarah Jakarta or Museum Fatahillah is the first destination of this tour as its location is close to Museum Bank Indonesia. This building in the past was Batavia VOC city hall (Stadhuis) built in 1707-1710. The building consists of the main building with two wings in the east and west, and other buildings used as an administrative office, court room, and underground bulding for prison. This building was further inaugurated as Museum Fatahillah displaying objects from the pre-history period of the city region, the founding of Jayakarta in 1527 and the Dutch colonization period from the 16th century until Indonesia’s independence in 1945.


Museum Wayang

shopculiner2.png Museum Wayang occupies a building built in 1640. Initially this building was named De Oude Hollandsche Kerk (Old Church of Dutch), and underwent some renovations. In 1975 this building was inaugurated as Museum Wayang displaying various types of wayang from all over Indonesia, as well as from abroad, made of wood, leather or other materials.  


 Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik

shopculiner2.png Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik occupies a building built in 1870. Initially this building was used by Dutch Indies Government as the Court of Justice (de Raad van Justitie) in the Batavia Fortress (Ordinaris Raad van Justitie Binnen Het Kasteel Batavia). After being renovated several times, in 1990 finally this building is used as Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik dispalying collections of Indonesian artists since the period of 1800 until the present period.


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

shopculiner2.png Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) located in the east of Jakarta is one of the destination of this half day tour. This is a tourist area having cultural Indonesian theme with approximately by 1.5 km2. TMII is a miniature of all culture of Indonesia covering all aspects of daily life such as : various traditional clothes, dances, customs displaying in the pavillion with traditional architecture. In the middle of TMII there is a large lake depicting miniature of Indonesian islands.   



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