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September 20, 2020
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FAQ Payment System

1.  Q:  What should be done if a member of the public comes into possession of banknotes that are worn, torn or no longer valid as legal tender?
A:  If a member of the public has received banknotes that are worn, torn or no longer valid as legal tender, these banknotes may be redeemed at Bank Indonesia.
2.  Q:  What is meant by damaged currency? What are the criteria for damaged currency to be redeemed at BI?
A:  Damaged currency is currency that has sustained physical damage. If more than half (≥ 50%) of a damaged banknote remains intact, it can be redeemed at face value if it still bears at least 1 (one) serial number. However, if less than half (< 50%) of a banknote or coin is intact, it cannot be redeemed.
3.  Q:  Where can the security features normally be found, and what features are incorporated in rupiah currency?
A:  General information on security features for rupiah currency can be found under the titles of currency material, printing and minting techniques, design and dimensions.
4.  Q:  Each time BI issues currency, security features are always included. How many security features can be found in each issue?
A:  The number of security features for each denomination is not always the same. The larger the denomination, the more security features are used. As a rule, the same types of security features are used for all rupiah denominations, but the designs are different.
5.  Q:  When BI issues or prints new currency, why are there sometimes apparent similarities in the designs or colours with other currency? For example, the Rp 100,000 note issued in 2004 appears similar to the Rp 10,000 note issued in 2005.
A:  At a glance, the two banknotes do appear similar, particularly in regard to colour. However, when examined more carefully for both design and colour, there are obvious differences. BI always informs the public of each issue of new currency, including any apparent similarities in colour or design between two different banknotes or coins.
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