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Tahun: 2006
Lokasi Buku : Perpustakaan Umum PRAd
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Developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s and '40s, the Elliott Wave Principle is a powerful analytical tool for forecasting stock market behavior. The basic concept behind the Wave Principle is that stock market prices rise and fall in discernible patterns and that those patterns can be linked together into waves.
In the years since it was first published, this classic guide to the Elliott Wave Principle has acquired a cult status among technical analysts, worldwide. And with each new edition, the authors have refined and enhanced the principle, while retaining all the predictions from past editions.

The 20th Anniversay Edition includes a special foreword and enhanced text. It’s the final revision of a classic.

"Elliott Wave Principle is simply the best description and validation of a concept which by all rights should be revolutionizing the scientific study of history and sociology." –JWG, New York

"Elliott Wave Principle is such an important, fascinating, even mind-bending work, we are convinced that is should be read by any and every serious student of the market, be they fundamentalist or technician, dealing in stocks, bonds or commodities." –Market Decision$

"Even allowing for minor stumbles, that 1978 prediction must go down as the most remarkable stock market prediction of all time." –James W. Cowan, Monitor Money Review

"Elliott Wave Principle is the greatest work of any kind, anywhere. It has helped me abandon speculative stock tips and stockbroker newsletter recommendations for my own predictions based on the simple wave theory." –J.V.

"I have just received my copy of Elliott Wave Principle and find it to be unquestionably the best book and explanation regarding the works of Elliott that I’ve ever seen." –J.B.B.

"I have recently read and reread Elliott Wave Principle. I was impressed with the research and especially thrilled with the excitement of coming into contact with a truly original concept." –M.F.

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