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October 18, 2018
Welcome to Bank Indonesia
"Bank Indonesia has one single overarching objective: to establish and maintain rupiah stability. This objective incorporates two key aspects: the first is a stable rupiah for goods and services, reflected by the inflation rate. The second is exchange rate stability against other foreign currencies, which is reflected by rupiah performance against other foreign currencies. In terms of Bank Indonesia’s roles and functions, accountability and transparency principles are applied through the regular and open publication of information to the public via the mass media, at the beginning of each year, regarding the evaluation of monetary policy implementation in the previous year, as well as monetary policy planning and the setting of monetary targets for the year ahead. Such information is also delivered in writing to the President and House of Representatives." Detail
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Indonesia’s External Debt Grows Stably

Indonesia’s external debt grew stably at the end of August 2018. Indonesia’s external debt at the end of August ... Detail

Trade Balance Posts Surplus

No. 20/81/DKom Indonesia’s trade balance recorded a USD0.23 billion surplus in September 2018, reversing the previous USD0.94 billion ... Detail
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