Indonesia Financial System Statistics

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Indonesia Financial System Statistics (SSKI) are published on a monthly basis as data/indicators of various economic elements in the financial system as the focus of macroprudential/financial system stability policies in Indonesia. SSKI contain data on financial institutions (banks and non-bank financial institutions), financial markets (money market and capital market), financial infrastructure (payment system and currency in circulation) as well as economic elements relating to the government, corporate and household sectors.  The data samples are consistent with the data availability for each respective indicator. In addition, SSKI also present various indicators of financial inclusion, MSMEs and the property sector as integral elements that support macroprudential/financial system stability policies in Indonesia.​


  • In pursuance of improving the  quality and services of integrated statistical data at Bank Indonesia, starting January 2022, the publication of Payment System data is refined into an integrated statistical framework and complies with statistical rules as well as comprehensive and up-to-date metadata, advance release calendar, and quality assurance.
  • Publication of Payment System data will be integrated into the Payment System & Financial Market Infrastructure Statistics (PSFMI), creating some changes in the presentation of several tables related to Payment System (PS) data in the publication of the Indonesian Financial System Statistics (IFSS).
  • Starting from January 2022 edition, the IFSS will not cover Payment System data. The Payment System data is available in the Payment System & Financial Market Infrastructure Statistics (PSFMI) starting from December 2022 edition, published on 17 January 2022.

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