National Open API Payment Standard

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The National Open API Payment Standard, abbreviated to SNAP, is the national open API payment standard published by Bank Indonesia to create a healthy, competitive and innovative payment system industry, while promoting integration, interconnectivity and interoperability as well as secure and reliable payment system infrastructure; and/or to increase healthy, efficient and fair market practices in the payment system.

SNAP was developed by Bank Indonesia in cooperation with payment system industry representatives covering:

  1. Technical and Security Standards, Data Standards and Technical Specifications, as published on the Developer Site.
  2. Governance guidelines for interconnected and interoperable open API payments.

SNAP has been enacted with BI Governor Decree No. 23/10/KEP.GBI/2021, dated 16th August 2021, concerning Application of the National Open API Payment Standard for gradual mandatory implementation in each open API payment.

Developer Site

In order to support that, Bank Indonesia has created a SNAP Developer Site to facilitate industry-wide implementation, which provides:

  1. Published Standards, consisting of technical and security standards, data standards and technical specifications.
  2. Online sandbox applications to test SNAP-based open API payment standards in accordance with the technical and security standards, data standards and technical specifications.
  3. Publication Directory


On the SNAP Developer Site, the published standards and publication directory are publicly accessible. Meanwhile the sandbox application is only accessible to:

  1. Service providers and/or prospective service providers of SNAP-based open API payment.
  2. Service users and/or prospective service users of SNAP-based open API payment.
  3. System, application and/or device developers of SNAP-based open API payment

Developer Site SNAP

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