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​​​Request Information Service

As of 1 January 2018, BI Checking / SID (Debitur Information System) service had been shifted from Bank Indonesia to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) under the name of Sistem Layanan Informasi Keuangan (SLIK), please call OJK on 157.  Mo​re

​Objection Submission Procedure

  1. Stakeholders can submit an objection to the information request process based on the following grounds:
    • Rejection of a public information request based on exempt information;
    • Unavailability of information that must be available and announced periodically;
    • No response to the information request;
    • Response does not correspond with the information requested;
    • Information requested is not fulfilled;
    • Unfair costs incurred;
    • Request for information has exceeded the deadline stipulated in the Public Information Disclosure Act.
  2. ​Information officers reserve the right to reject the objections submitted beyond the reasons listed in Point 1.
  3. Information officers record any objections submitted that meet prevailing requirements and forward the objections to PPID.
  4. PPID will produce a chronology of the objection for consideration by the PPID superior within 5 working days after the objection has been received.
  5. PPID superiors will respond to the objections received within 30 working days.​

Information Dispute Settlement Procedure

  1. ​Public information disputes are forwarded to the Information Commission if the stakeholder deems the PPID superior’s response to the objection unsatisfactory.
  2. Public information disputes are forwarded within 14 working days after the response of the PPID superior has been received.
  3. The Information Commission is required to begin public information dispute settlement proceedings through mediation or Non-Litigation Adjudication within 14 days of receiving the public information dispute settlement request.
  4. The public information dispute settlement process must be completed within 100 working days. 

Service Charter

  1. The public information services charter is a written statement of the obligations and promises contained in the public information service standards determined by the PPID superior.
  2. The Bank Indonesia Public Information Services Charter details the earnest provision of Public Information Services in order to:
    • `Provide quick and timely public information services;
    • Maintain and provide accurate and unambiguous public information that is not misleading;
    • Provide public information services with the effective and efficient use of adequate facilities and infrastructure;
    • Maximise fulfilment of mandatory information requests through the official Bank Indonesia website, Contact Centre, Call Centre, Visitor Centre or other media used by Bank Indonesia in coordination with the PPID;
    • Guarantee the fulfilment of public information services requests in accordance with the Public Information Disclosure Act, Bank Indonesia policy as well as prevailing laws and regulations;
    • Provide public information services through the BI Contact Centre to support Bank Indonesia communication policy in line with best practices and performance-based criteria, while prioritising Bank Indonesia’s strategic values;
    • Implement quality management for public information services through the BI Contact Centre based on national and/or international best practices; and
    • Supervise and evaluate internal performance in terms of public information services.
  3. ​The Service Charter is also available as a printout from the Bank Indonesia Contact Centre (131) and the Bank Indonesia Visitor Centre.

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