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​PPID Profile​​​

The Bank Indonesia Act (No. 23 of 1999) mandates accountability and transparency in the execution of Bank Indonesia’s duties, responsibilities and budget.  The principles of accountability and transparency are also applied in terms of the open disclosure of information to the public.  Consistent with the current era of public information disclosure and the enactment of Act No. 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure (KIP), Bank Indonesia is active in the information disclosure movement.

To that end, Bank Indonesia actively provides Public Information Services (PIS), available to members of the public concerning the function and tasks of Bank Indonesia as well as those seeking public information held by Bank Indonesia through:

  • Bank Indonesia Information and Documentation Management Officers (PPID BI); 
  • Bank Indonesia Contact Centre, BICARA (BI CAll and InteRAction), consisting of the BICARA 131 Call Centre and Visitor Centre 
PPID BI were established in accordance with Act No. 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure (KIP). Through PPID BI, valid public requests for the information owned by Bank Indonesia will be fulfilled in accordance with Act No. 14 of 2008, Board of Governors Regulation (PADG) No. 10/10/PADG/2008 concerning Bank Indonesia Information Management and Bank Indonesia Gubernatorial Decree No. 14/46/KEP.GBI/INTERN/2012 concerning Information and Documentation Management at Bank Indonesia.


PPID Vision and Mission

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Tasks, Functions and Responsibilities of PPID​

PPID have the following functions:​

  1. Coordinate the collection of all Public Information from each Work Unit;
  2. Record the Public Information collected from each work unit and coordinate with work units implementing the data and information management function as well as work units implementing the records management function;
  3. Periodically publish the Public Information that must be provided and the information that must be announced effectively through the media available;
  4. Respond to each request for information received; and
  5. Represent Bank Indonesia in coordination with Work Units executing a legal function in the dispute resolution process concerning Public Information at the Information Commission if assigned by a PPID superior. ​
PPID have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. ​​Request and collect the Information List from each Work Unit;
  2. Classify all Public Information under its jurisdiction in accordance with the Public Information Disclosure (KIP) Act;
  3. Publish and store the Public Information that must be provided and announced periodically and the information that must be announced immediately upon collection from each Work Unit;
  4. Perform consequential testing on the information that is exempt;
  5. Provide Public Information to the Requester of Information through the Information Officer at the Contact Centre in terms of the Public Information that must be available at all times;
  6. Submit an extension for the deadline to provide information to the Requester of Information; and
  7. Reject requests for exempt information.

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