Cinta, Bangga, Paham Rupiah

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Bank Indonesia is the Central Bank of Indonesia. As a public institution, Bank Indonesia’s mandate is to achieve and maintain rupiah stability. Bank Indonesia, therefore, urges all Indonesians to participate in the Cinta, Bangga, Paham Rupiah campaign.

​Cinta RupiahRupiah Authenticity and Care

Cinta Rupiah is the people’s ability to recognise the characteristics and design of the rupiah, to treat the rupiah properly and to avoid criminal involvement with counterfeiting.
Cinta Rupiah: Recognise, Look After and Keep

Bangga Rupiah - National Identity and Symbol

Bangga Rupiah is the people’s ability to understand the rupiah as legal tender, a symbol of RI sovereignty and national unity.
Bangga Rupiah: Symbol of Sovereignty, Legal Tender, National Unity

Paham Rupiah - Rupiah Function in the Economy

Paham Rupiah is the people’s ability to understand the rupiah’s role in money circulation, economic stability and its function as a store of value.
Paham Rupiah: Transacting, Spending, Saving


Rupiah is us

Cinta-Bangga-Paham Rupiah: Starting with us

recognize Rupiah, Explore Indonesia in Your Hands

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