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E-Licensing is a web-based application that facilitates digital license application at Bank Indonesia, with two primary functions: 

  1. Administrative:
    • Registration of applicant profile in the e-Licensing application;
    • Paperless document submission through the upload function of the e-Licensing application for:
      • License documents submission by applicants;
      • Surat License approval/rejection notification from Bank Indonesia to applicants. This feature is expected to come online in September 2020.
  2. Tracking, applicants can track license status through the e-Licensing application, as well as receive notifications vie email concerning status updates.
E-Licensing Process for the Applicants:

Start; Registration and Create Account; Log in and Upload License Documents; License Status Notifications via Email; Monitoring Licensing Process; Notification and Scanned Copy of License Approval/Rejection; Finish​


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