Literasi Keuangan Indonesia Terdepan (LIKE IT)

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Literasi Keuangan Indonesia Terdepan (LIKE IT) is a financial literacy education program for the public that is wrapped in an interactive and interesting way. LIKE IT is a collaboration program between Bank Indonesia (BI), the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) who are members of the Development Financing Coordination Forum through the Financial Market (FK-PPPK).

The first LIKE IT series (LIKE IT #1) was also the opening of the 2022 LIKE IT series, carrying the theme of "Sustain Habit in Investing, Investing in Sustainable Instruments". The choice of the theme is based on the spirit to encourage the community, especially the younger generation, to continuously invest in the capital market, so that investment ccould become a habit that is beneficial for themselves and for the country, namely to support the financing of Indonesia's development. Let's be part of the financial literacy generation with LIKE IT!

What are you waiting for, let us be an Investor in Our Own Country!

Talkshow LIKE IT #1

Sobat LIKE IT, jangan lewatkan Sobat LIKE IT, do not miss the LIKE IT #1 Talkshow on August 12, 2022, at 13.30 WIB Live via the Bank Indonesia Youtube Channel. Take your part to become a literate generation, let's invest, strengthen the economy, and together build the country!

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Virtual Showcase

Get to know more about LIKE IT, play exciting financial literacy games, and win attractive prizes with experience in the Virtual Showcase!

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LIKE IT is an annual program of the four financial authorities in Indonesia, which has started in 2021. The first series opened on August 3, 2021, carrying the theme "Cross Generation Investment Literacy" providing an understanding of products or investments in state securities organized by Ministry of Finance.

While the next series, LIKE IT 2 Series held on August 5, 2021, by OJK with the theme "Let's Invest in the Capital Market" providing insight into investment in the capital market including aspects of consumer protection.

Furthermore, the LIKE IT 3 Series took the theme "Let's Build the Country Together by Becoming Investors in Our Own Country" which was organized by Bank Indonesia and the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) as a speaker as well as the closing of the 2021 LIKE IT series of events. LIKE IT 3 invites the public and young people to start building the country with the courage to start investing.

In addition to the educational webinar series, various interesting competitions were also held, namely the 1 Minute Video Competition and Jingle & Video Clip LIKE IT.

Let's watch at the exciting webinar series of the LIKE IT 2021, videos and jingles that invite us to become investors in our own country, at the following link:

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