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Careers at Bank Indonesia ​

​Bank Indonesia provides diverse opportunities for young people with integrity in the country to help build Indonesia’s economy as Central Bankers. The opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with world-class professional talent is vast in terms of developing competencies and expanding networking. Bank Indonesia is a centre of learning for the young generation in order to create innovative ideas in the monetary sector, financial system stability, payment system and rupiah currency management, in its pursuit of becoming the best emerging market central bank.
​For those who like the challenge of working in various regions around Indonesia with leadership and long-life career aspirations, it is time to join Bank Indonesia through the PCPM recruitment channel, offering two possible routes, namely campus hiring and open recruitment. PCPM is available to new graduates and those with work experience meeting the current requirements. 

1. Campus Hiring
Campus hiring is a recruitment channel for Bank Indonesia to approach the best alumni from each university who have previously worked with Bank Indonesia.  Campus hiring is organised in coordination with the Career Development Centre at each respective university.
2. Open Recruitment
Open recruitment is a massive candidate selection process announced through print media, social media and other media open to all university graduates.

PCPM recruitment through campus hiring and open recruitment takes place during specific periods in cooperation with a Recruitment Specialist appointed by Bank Indonesia.

Bank Indonesia offers opportunities to candidates with quality work experience and specific competencies to join through the special hire recruitment channel.  Become an integral part of national economic development in Indonesia. 

Special Hire Information
Special hire is intended for candidates with the specific experience and competencies required by Bank Indonesia. Make sure you meet the requirements and qualifications.

For those seeking a challenge with a passion for project-based work, Bank Indonesia also offers fixed-term contracts for a duration or 1 or 2 years.

The work experience program is designed specifically to provide participants with real-world insight through the application of skills learned at high school and university in accordance with Bank Indonesia’s requirements. Through the program, participants have the opportunity to explore the skills and competencies acquired in a real working environment under the auspices of Bank Indonesia.

Form CV Online

Here you can introduce yourself, starting with your personal details, your interests, educational background and study programs, work experience as well as qualifications and expertise. Please tell us all about yourself. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Any information submitted to Bank Indonesia becomes the property of Bank Indonesia and will only be used for employee candidate selection purposes and/or employment contracts if required. Click FORM CV ONLINE button to begin.

Form CV Online

Internship is a practical work activity provided to students facilitated by Bank Indonesia.

Bank Indonesia is a learning center. Opportunities to learn various kinds of knowledge are wide open, both offline and online. In fact, you can learn directly from world-class experts. For those who will continue their education to a higher level, namely S2 or S3, both at home and abroad, Bank Indonesia provides opportunities through the Study Assignment Program (PTB).

Share experiences working at Bank Indonesia.

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