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6/17/2022 10:00 AM
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Financing Supply and Demand Survey May 2022: Financing Demand and Supply Still Growing

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Demand for new corporate financing in May 2022 is indicated to grow in positive terms as reflected in the Weighted Net Balance (WNB) of 12.1%. New loan disbursement in May 2022 is also indicated to continue its positive growth, as reflected in the Weighted Net Balance (WNB) of new loan disbursement of 43.0% with the main contributing factors namely customer demand for finance as well as the monetary and economic outlook. On a quarterly basis, survey respondents expect new loan disbursements to accelerate in the second quarter of 2022.

On the household side, the demand for new financing is indicated to grow in May 2022. Commercial banks remain the primary source of additional household financing, dominated by multipurpose loans. Other sources of financing preferred by respondents to meet financing needs include those from cooperatives, leasing, and friends/relatives.

More information concerning the financing supply and demand survey is available via the official Bank Indonesia website.

Jakarta, 17th June 2022
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