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11/13/2012 9:16 AM
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Second OMFIF Asian Central Bank’s Watchers Conference Tenth Bank Indonesia Annual International Seminar “Asia as an Engine for World Growth: Investment Focus Indonesia”

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At a time of renewed challenge for the world economy where advanced economies can no longer support the global economic growth, the rapid and more sustainable growth in emerging economies including Indonesia wil play important role for global growth. The European Central Bank reported that in the future, emerging Asia, particularly Indonesia will play a growing role for the world economy.

Although not entirely free from global crisis spillover, the Indonesian economy has demonstrated its resilience that will offer positive repercussions to the Asian region. This is supported by improved economic fundamentals, such as the increasing role of investments, coupled by prudent fiscal policy and macroeconomic management. Morover, a mix of youthful populations, economic liberalization, advances in living standards, healthy growth prospects and plentiful mineral and raw material resources presents an attractive vista of optimism and confidence.

In light of this, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) and Bank Indonesia have initiated a Conference/Seminar entitled Asia as an Engine for World Growth: Investment Focus Indonesia. This Conference/Seminar is the second Asian Central Bank’s Watchers Conference (ACBW) for OMFIF and the tenth Annual International Seminar for Bank Indonesia, focusing on the issue of Indonesia’s new-found attractiveness for international investors. This one-day Conference/Seminar is part of the ACBW Group series, and follows the inaugural meeting hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur in November 2011. Bank Indonesia itself has routinely established this annual seminar since 2001, which has evolved to become a prestigious forum for centrak bankers and government senior officials from various countries, prominent economists, banking and business comunity, as well as multilateral institutions.

The Conference/Seminar this time around forms an important component of OMFIF’s framework for global dialogue and part of Bank Indonesia’s contribution in the effort to help form a more cohesive and resilient world economy. Furthermore, this Conference/Seminar is intended to capitalize upon and satisfy the growing international interest in Asian central banking policies as the region extends financial and trade cooperation, becoming both a more integrated economic area and a progressively more important force in world policy-making. For Indonesia, it provides an excellent opportunity to introduce Indonesia’s growingly conducive investment climate to the world, especially international investors, as has been continuosly pointed out by the Ministry of Trade, Mr.Gita Wirjawan.

The Conference/Seminar which takes place at the headquarter of Bank Indonesia in Jakarta and features active discussions among selected public and private sector participants will be opened by Dpeuty Governor of Bank Indonesia, Mr. Hartadi A. Sarwono, with keynote address by Deputy Secretary-General OECD, Mr. Rintaro Tamaki, and closed by Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen, Prof. Niels Thygesen. The resource persosn who will deliver their views are:

Session 1: Asia’s Role in The World Economic System – The View of Asian Central Banks

  • David Marsh, Chairman, OMFIF - Introductory remarks
  • Dr. Ahmet Faruk Aysan, Member of the Board and Monetary Policy Board, Central Bank of Turkey
  • Dr. Perry Warjiyo, Executive Director, Economic Research and Monetary Policy Department, Bank Indonesia
  • Prof. Niels Thygesen, Emeritus Professor of Economic, University of Copenhagen
  • Dr. Leonie Lethbridge, Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Bank, Indonesia

Session 2: Indonesia as an Investment Location

  • Michael Lafferty, Chairman, Lafferty Group - Introductory remarks
  • Ito Warsito, President, Bursa Efek Indonesia - Address
  • Dr. Nungsari Ahmad Radhi, Executive Director of Research and Investment Strategy, KhazanahNasional
  • Riki Frindos, Chief Executive, Eastspring Investments (Indonesia)
  • Henry Koenaifi, Managing Director, Bank Central Asia
  • FauziIchsan, Senior Economist, Indonesia, Standard Chartered Bank

Session 3: Financing Indonesian Investment: Where is The Money Coming From?

  • Hon Cheung, Managing Director, Official Institutions Group, State Street Global Advisors – Introductory remarks
  • Bambang Brodjonegoro, Head, Fiscal Policy Office, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia – Address
  • Benedict Bingham, Senior Resident Representative, International Monetary Fund
  • Frank Scheidig, Global Head of Capital Markets, DZ Bank
  • Takuji Tanaka, Co-chief Operating Officer, Innovation Corporation of Japan
  • Arief Wana, Director, Ashmore Group

Session 4: Looking Into The Future – Asia To The Fore

  • Prof. Adrianus Mooy, former Governor, Bank Indonesia - Introductory remarks
  • Gita Wirjawan, Minister of Trade, Republic of Indonesia - Address
  • Kazuhiko Bando, Senior Managing Director, Japan Finance Corporation
  • Michael Power, Global Strategist, Investec Asset Management
  • Dr. Reza Yamora Siregar, Senior Economist, ASEAN +3 Macroeconomic Research Office
  • RaminToloui, Co-head, Emerging Markets Portfolio Management, PIMCO
  • Nick Wright, Senior Vice President, South Asia, State Street Bank & Trust

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