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No. 26/125/DKom ​ The BI Board of Governors Meeting agreed on 19-20th June 2024 to hold the BI-Rate at 6.25%, while also maintaining the Deposit Facility (DF) rate and Lending Facility (LF) rate at 5.50% and 7.00% respectively. This decision

No. 26/121/DKom  Indonesia's external debt declined in April 2024. The position of Indonesia's external debt in April 2024 was recorded at USD398.3 billion, down from USD404.8 billion in March 2024. Annually, Indonesia's external debt posted a 1

​No. 26/119/DKom  Respondents of the latest Retail Sales Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia predict increasing retail sales in May 2024, as reflected by 4.7% (yoy) growth in the Real Sales Index (RSI) to a level of 233.9. Retailers expect higher

No. 26/111/DKom Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemlu RI) have agreed to strengthen international economic diplomacy towards increasing institutional collaboration through coordinated and synerget

Lower Inflation in May 2024
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No. 26/114/DKom  Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation in May 2024 was maintained within the 2.5%±1% target corridor. Based on inflation data published by BPS-Statistics Indonesia, the CPI Index in May 2024 recorded 0.03% (mtm) deflation. Annuall

​No. 26/118/DKomThe latest Consumer Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia in May 2024 indicates that consumer confidence in economic conditions remains solid, as reflected by an optimistic (>100) Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) reading of 125.2 in the rep

​No.26/ 116 /DKom Indonesia's Official Reserve Assets Position stood at USD139.0 billion at end of May 2024, an increase from USD136.2 billion as end of April 2024. The gain was underpinned by among others, tax and services receipts as well as govern

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