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​No.24/13/DKom The latest Supply and Demand Financing Survey indicated growing corporate demand for financing in December 2021 compared with conditions one month earlier, as confirmed by an uptick in the weighted net balance (WNB) to 17.4% from 14.8%

​No.24/11/DKom Indonesia's external debt decreased in November 2021. The external debt at the end of November 2021 was down to USD416.4 billion from USD422.3 billion in the previous month. Such development was driven by the declining position of the publi

​No. 24/9/DKom  The latest Prompt Manufacturing Index-Bank Indonesia (PMI-BI) moved above the 50% threshold into an expansionary phase in the fourth quarter of 2021 at 50.17% from 48.75% in the third quarter of 2021. All components contributed to the

​No. 24/8/DKom The latest Business Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia indicated business growth in the fourth quarter of 2021, as reflected by a weighted net balance (WNB) of 7.10%, down slightly from 7.58% in the third quarter of 2021 yet significantly s

No. 24/7/DKom The latest Retail Sales Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia revealed how respondents expected monthly retail sales to surge in December 2021 on the back of a seasonal spike in demand during the Christmas and New Year national religious ho

​ No. 24/6/DKom The latest Consumer Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia revealed how consumers remained upbeat in December 2021, with a Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) recorded in optimistic territory at a level of 118.3, relatively stable compared w

​No. 24/4/DKom Indonesia's official reserve assets remained high at USD144.9 billion as of end-December 2021, despite lower than USD145.9 billion as of end-November 2021. The decline of official reserve assets in December 2021 was influenced, amongst othe

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