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6/18/2021 12:00 AM
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Supply and Demand Financing Survey May 2021: Demand for Financing Increased in May 2021

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No. 23/145/DKom

The latest Supply and Demand Financing Survey pointed to growing corporate demand for financing in May 2021, with the weighted net balance (WNB)1 remaining positive at 16.1% despite decreasing from 24.8% in April 2021. Increasing demand for financing was confirmed by respondents in Trade, Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Repair, Mining and Health Services, primarily to support operational activities, pay maturing liabilities as well as support post-new normal recovery and investment. This period, more survey respondents disclosed that corporate demand for financing would be met through internal funds, accompanied by smaller respective portions through loans from domestic banks and parent companies.

Maintaining the current trend, the latest survey also revealed more subdued household demand for new financing expected in the upcoming three months. Nevertheless, commercial banks remained the primary source of household financing, dominated by multipurpose loans.

On the supply side, new lending in May 2021 continued to grow even though it was slowing compared to the previous month. By bank group, new loan disbursements recorded higher growth across all bank categories. Overall, in the second quarter of 2021, however, a weighted net balance (WNB) of 73.9% indicated that respondents expected new loan disbursements to accelerate.

Full survey results are available on the official website of Bank Indonesia.



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[1] The weighted net balance is calculated by multiplying the net balance by the respective weight of each loan (total 100%). The net balance is calculated based on the percentage difference of respondents predicting an increase or decrease response.


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