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6/25/2018 9:00 AM
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Deadline for Exchanging Withdrawn Banknotes

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Pursuant to Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No. 10/33/PBI/2008, dated 25th November 2008, Bank Indonesia has decided to withdraw several banknotes from circulation as follows:

  1. Rp10,000 banknotes issued in 1998 (Depicting the National Hero Tjut Nyak Dhien);
  2. Rp20,000 banknotes issued in 1998 (Depicting the National Hero Investment loans Hadjar Dewantara);
  3. Rp50,000 banknotes issued in 1999 (Depicting the National Hero WR. Soepratman); and 
  4. Rp100,000 banknotes issued in 1999 (Depicting the National Heroes Dr Ir. Soekarno and Dr H. Mohammad Hatta).
The withdrawn banknotes may be exchanged at Bank Indonesia until 30th December 2018.

Bank Indonesia regularly withdraws currency from circulation based on the lifecycle of the currency as well as issuances of new edition banknotes with additional security features.



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