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11/26/2008 10:19 AM
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Bank Indonesia to Revoke and Withdraw 4 (four) Banknotes from Circulation

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No. 10/ 61 /PSHM/Humas

As of December 31, 2008, Bank Indonesia, in compliance with Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No. 10/33/PBI/2008 will officially revoke and withdraw 4 (four) banknotes from circulation. The banknotes to be revoked and withdrawn are as follows:

  1. Rp10.000 denomination of emission year (TE) 1998 (Drawing of National Hero, Cut Nyak Dhien, on the front side),
  2. Rp20.000 denomination of emission year (TE) 1998 (Drawing of National Hero, Ki Hajar Dewantara, on the front side),
  3. Rp50.000 denomination of emission year (TE) 1999 (Drawing of National Hero, WR. Soepratman, on the front side ), and
  4. Rp100.000 denomination of emission year (TE) 1999 (Drawing of Proclamation Leaders Dr.Ir.Soekarno and Dr. H. Mohammad Hatta, with polymer material).

"Bank Indonesia regularly revokes and withdraws Rupiah bank notes by taking into consideration the period of circulation and security features development on the money”, stated S. Budi Rochadi, Deputy Governor for Money Circulation.

By the revocation and withdrawal of the money from circulation as of December 31, 2008, the four banknotes are no longer applicable as valid legal tender.

However, the people who are still in possession of the aforementioned banknotes will be able to exchange them with the same or other valid pieces of money at the nearest Bank Indonesia or commercial bank offices. The time limit for exchanging the concerned banknotes at commercial banks is December 30, 2013 or 5 (five) years as of the revocation and withdrawal while at Bank Indonesia will be December 30, 2018 or 10 (ten) years as of the revocation and withdrawal. The right to exchange the revoked and withdrawn four pieces of money will no longer be effective after 10 (ten) years as of December 31, 2018. 

Jakarta, November 26, 2008
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