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4/2/2024 5:05 PM
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Synergy Strengthening Supply and Supply Chain Efficiency, Kalimantan Launches Flagship Regional Inflation Control Movement in 2024

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No. 26/61/DKom 

Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) in Kalimantan have launched various programs to control prices, while strengthening price stability and food security nationally.  The programs involve, first, forming groups (Toko Penyeimbang) to monitor price movements, particularly strategic foodstuffs at regional markets in East Kalimantan.  Second, the Ulama Peduli Inflasi program as a form of education on smart shopping and commerce, particularly during the Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr festive period through da'wah media for the community.  Third, optimising the role of municipally-owned enterprises (BUMD) throughout Kalimantan as price stabilisers and to strengthen the supply chain for food commodities in the Kalimantan region.  Synergy and innovation were prioritised during the launch of the National Movement for Food Inflation Control (GNPIP) 2024 in the Kalimantan region, held today (27/03/24) in Samarinda, entitled Synergy and Innovation Strengthening Supply and Supply Chain Efficiency for Price Stability and Food Security in Kalimantan.

Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor, Doni P. Joewono, took the opportunity to emphasise the “need to work harder to control food inflation in 2024, including during the national religious holidays (HBKN) to ensure supply availability and price affordability.  By implementing various policies and strengthening synergy, Bank Indonesia is confident that CPI inflation in 2024 will remain manageable within the 2.5%±1% target corridor.  The GNPIP movement this year has been strengthened through 7 programs and 12 sub-programs, with higher targets than achieved in 2023.  The primary focus will be rice, various chili varieties and shallots, along with other commodities based on the specific characteristics and conditions of each region.  GNPIP synergy is expected to accelerate concrete joint measures to manage inflationary pressures on food and strengthen national food security in terms of maintaining national economic recovery momentum. All GNPIP programs in 2024 were formulated based on the 4K strategy and TPIP-TPID Roadmap for Inflation Control, namely affordable prices, available supply, seamless distribution and effective communication.


Furthermore, the Deputy Minister for Macroeconomics and Financial Coordination at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Ferry Irawan, conveyed six central policy measures to dampen the build-up of inflationary pressures on food prices, particularly rice.  First, maintaining adequate government rice reserve stocks.  Second, accelerating disbursements of the Food Price and Supply Stabilisation (SPHP) program at traditional markets, distributors and modern retail centres.  Third, disbursing rice assistance to 22 million Beneficiary Families (KPM). Fourth, intensifying affordable market operations and the affordable food movement.  Fifth, transferring rice reserves from the Government to the commercial sector to manage the price of premium rice.  Sixth, relaxing the maximum retail price for premium rice until April 2024.

Acting Governor of East Kalimantan, Akmal Malik, pledged his full support for efforts to strengthen food security and price stability in the region, adding that East Kalimantan province will help maintain supply continuity and nurture supply chain efficiency in line with potentially higher demand due to the massive development of national strategic projects, including the new capital city (IKN).

In addition to promoting innovation and education, the GNPIP movement in Kalimantan also initiated inter- and intra-regional cooperation (KAD). Other flagship programs were also announced, including market operations/affordable markets, disbursing assistance for the distribution of agricultural produce and digital farming, as well as low-interest financing commitments for community groups and business players in the food sector.  The activity was accompanied by a talk show, which presented speakers from various government ministries and agencies discussing various strategies to strengthen supply and supply chain efficiency, strategies to increase food production as well as strategies to optimise food BUMD, thus supporting regional food security and price stability.


Jakarta, 27th March 2024

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