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10/15/2021 11:00 AM
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Supply and Demand Financing Survey September 2021: Growing Demand for Corporate Financing

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No.23/ 264/DKom

The latest Supply and Demand Financing Survey indicated growing corporate demand for financing in September 2021 compared with conditions one month earlier, as indicated by an increase in the weighted net balance (WNB) to 11.1% from 0.9% in August 2021. Increasing demand for financing was reported by respondents in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Mining, primarily to support operational activities, the domestic recovery and repay maturing obligations. In addition, respondents stated that internal funds remained the dominant source of financing, accompanied by larger respective shares for loans disbursed by domestic banks or parent companies.

The latest survey also revealed how household demand for new financing improved on conditions in the previous month yet was still restrained. Commercial banks remained the primary source of household financing, dominated by multipurpose loans.

On the supply side, growth of new loan disbursements from the banking industry accelerated in September 2021. All bank groups confirmed stronger growth of new loans in the reporting period, primarily driven by working capital loans. Overall, new loan disbursements in the third quarter of 2021 are expected to increase, yet by a smaller increment compared with conditions in the previous period.

More information concerning the Supply and Demand Financing Survey is available on the Bank Indonesia website.



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