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6/21/2021 10:00 PM
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Dedicated to the Country Targets Warungs/Kiosks Impacted by Covid-19

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No. 23/148/DKom

Through its Dedicated to the Country program, Bank Indonesia is providing assistance in the form of entrepreneurial empowerment to 3,310 micro and ultra-micro warung business owners as well as community groups impacted by Covid-19 in Indonesia. The measures are part of Bank Indonesia's concerns and commitments to support the national economic recovery, while discharging its responsibilities to increase economic capacity and empower micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). That was the key takeaway of the virtual event Dedicated to the Country: Providing Entrepreneurial Empowerment Assistance to Micro and Ultra-Micro Warungs and Kiosks, today (21/6). The assistance was granted symbolically by BI Deputy Governor, Doni Primanto Joewono, to representatives at the event. Deputy Governor Doni took the opportunity to relay that Bank Indonesia’s support and efforts are expected to have a multiplier effect on businesses and increase private consumption.

Assistance was granted to two types of business. First, public empowerment for modern ultra-micro kiosks. In partnership with Lotte Grosir, assistance was provided in the form of business facilities and infrastructure, namely a modern kiosk package and merchandise, as well as business mentorship to 310 recipients located in Pekanbaru, Palembang, Muba, Musi Rawas, Lubuk Linggau, Bandung, Subang, Sukabumi, Ciamis, Banjar, Kuningan, Jepara, Demak, Kudus, Pekalongan, Pemalang, Batang, Mataram, Lombok, Makassar and Gowa. Second, public empowerment for micro and ultra-micro warungs, in partnership with Warung Pintar through two schemes, namely empower-to-empower and top-up business assistance in the form of business facilities and infrastructure, accompanied by business mentorship to 3,000 recipients located in Jabodetabek, Gresik, Sidoarjo and Surabaya.

In addition, beneficiaries will also receive follow-up programs in the form of financial education and mentorship using Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS). Such programs also support QRIS expansion to 12 million merchants in 2021 throughout Indonesia. QRIS provides greater transaction convenience for micro enterprises and will help create an inclusive and efficient digital economic and financial ecosystem, particularly at the retail level, while ultimately catalysing national economic recovery.

Dedicated to the Country is a social responsibility program run by Bank Indonesia to empower local communities. Through three pillars, namely Increasing Economic Capacity and SMEs, HR Capacity Building, as well as Public Understanding and Social Concern, Bank Indonesia disbursed assistance to 7,068 organisations or community groups throughout Indonesia in 2020. Moving forward, Bank Indonesia remains firmly committed to supporting MSME capacity building and accelerating the national economic recovery.

Jakarta, 21st June 2021
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