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​No.24/209/DKomThe latest Retail Sales Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia showed how retailers predict stronger annual sales performance to endure in July 2022, as confirmed by an 8.7% (yoy) increment in the Real Sales Index (RSI) to a level of 204.9, pri

No.24/207/DKomAccording to the latest Consumer Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia, consumers are still upbeat concerning the economic conditions, with the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in July 2022 remaining in optimistic territory (>100) at a level

No.24/204/DKom Indonesia’s official reserve assets position remained high at USD132.2 billion as of end-July 2022, despite declining from USD136.4 billion as of end-June 2022. The decrease of official reserve assets position in July 2022 was influenced

​ ​​​No. 24/202/DKom Based on data published by BPS-Statistics Indonesia, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in July 2022 recorded 0.64% (mtm) inflation, up slightly from 0.61% (mtm) one month earlier.  The monthly uptick primarily stemmed from

​No.24/201/DKomFinancial system stability in the second quarter of 2022 was intact despite a build-up of global economic pressures, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, persistent global inflationary pressures and more aggressive monetary policy tighteni

​​​ No. 24/196/DKom Broad money (M2), as a measure of liquidity in the economy, maintained positive growth in June 2022. Totalling Rp7,888.6 trillion, strong M2 growth was recorded at 10.6% (yoy) in the reporting period, despite moderating from

​No.24/199/DKomThere are three salient strategies to accelerate development of the sharia economy and finance amid the challenges posed by global uncertainty.  First, aligning development efforts for the sharia economy and finance to accelerate the n

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