List of Public Information

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​ ​Periodic Information​​

Public Information that must be Provided and Announced Periodically​​

No. Category
A Information on the Bank Indonesia profile
Information concerning the domicile, full address, scope of activities, aims and objectives, duties and functions of Bank Indonesia as well as representative offices View
Organisational structure, overview of each work unit, brief profile of structural officers View
Wealth Report of State Officials for members of the BI Board of Governors (BoG) View
B Summary of current programs and/or activities carried out within the purview of Bank Indonesia
Programs and/or Activities within the purview of Bank Indonesia; View
Important agendas relating to task implementation at Bank Indonesia; View
Other specific information relating directly to public rights; View
Information concerning the recruitment of prospective employees and/or officers; View
C Performance summary of Bank Indonesia in the form of descriptions concerning past and current activities and achievements View
D Summary of Financial Statements View
E Summary of the Public Information Access Report View
F Information on the regulations, decrees and/or policies issued by Bank Indonesia that bind and/or impact the public
A list of draft laws, decrees and/or policies currently in the formulation process, along with the drafting stage View
A list of laws and regulations, decrees and/or policies that have been finalised or enacted View
G Information on procedures for obtaining Public Information
Procedures for obtaining Public Information; View
Procedures for filing objections; View
Public Information dispute resolution process, accompanied by the responsible parties who are available to contact; View
H Information on procedures to file complaints concerning the abuse of authority or violations committed internally by Bank Indonesia or parties obtaining licenses or work agreements from Bank Indonesia View
I Information on the Procurement of Goods and Services View
J Information on early warning and emergency evacuation procedures at each Bank Indonesia office View

Immediate Information

No. Category
A Public Information that must be announced immediately View

Everytime Information

No. Category
A List of Bank Indonesia Public Information View
B Information about Regulation, Decision or Policy
Regulations View
Regulation Archive View
BI Information, Decrees or Policies View
C Information on Bank Indonesia Performance and Policies View
Annual Report
- Economic Report on Indonesia View
- BI Annual Financial Statements View
- Sharia Economy and Finance Report View
Bank Indonesia Task Implementation and Authority Report to People’s Representative Council (DPR) (quarterly) View
Indonesia’s Balance of Payments (BOP) View
International Cooperation and Economy-Finance
Provincial Economic Reports (Regional Economy)
Other Publications View
Statistics View
Surveys View
Investor Relations Unit (IRU) View
MSME Information View
D BI Policy in Infographics View
E BI Public Information Services View
F Research and Journals View
G Media Room Information, including: View
Latest Info (Press Releases) View
BoG Speeches View
Activity Agenda View

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