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​​​​​Bank Indonesia E-Procurement

e-Procurement is a system used by Bank Indonesia to automate the business functions of procurement and vendor management, which is integrated with the financial statements.​​​tes

Vendor Information​​

​​​​​Vendor Registration Procedure



Vendor Requirements​


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Bank Indonesia Vendor Policy

General Vendor Policy of Bank Indonesia is as follows:
  1. Applicant vendors, corporate and individual, domiciled in or outside of Indonesia, are required to register through the e-Procurement application;
  2. Applicant vendors must meet all applicable registration requirements prior to submission to the qualification process pursuant to prevailing regulations at Bank Indonesia; 
  3. Applicant vendors at Bank Indonesia must meet the following requirements: ​
    • Technical and managerial expertise, experience and competencies in the corresponding business field;​
    • Skilled human resources, capital, equipment and other facilities required in the execution of duties as a vendor; and
    • Free from outstanding legal proceedings that could impair procurement.
  4. Applicant vendors must maintain at least one business line. 
  5. Vendors are required to update existing data and confirm any changes in the data/documents with the Vendor Management Work Unit (applicable to changes in data/documents with a validity period, such as domicile of origin, contact data, SIUP, certificate of company registration, qualification certificates and/or other information as required by Bank Indonesia. 
  6. Vendors will be excluded from the procurement process at Bank Indonesia upon failure to update existing data. 
  7. Procurement must comply with prevailing vendor management regulations at Bank Indonesia. 
  8. Bank Indonesia will evaluate vendor performance based on specific criteria, including aspects of quality, punctuality, compliance and services, in order to improve procurement performance. 
  9. The evaluations are used to determine vendor status, namely satisfactory, unsatisfactory or under sanctions. 
  10. Bank Indonesia reserves the right to exclude a vendor with unsatisfactory status from the procurement process. 
  11. Bank Indonesia reserves the right to reject a vendor if:​ 
    • A vendor acting as a broker or intermediary does not provide value added;
    • A vendor violates prevailing regulations at Bank Indonesia;
    • A vendor has not been previously approved by Bank Indonesia or has remained inactive for a minimum of three years. 
  12. The results of the Vendor Registration evaluation will be forwarded by email to the vendor.  The decision based on the evaluation results represents an inviolable right. 
  13. Bank Indonesia collects no fees for the vendor registration process.
  14. Bank Indonesia reserves the right to amend, add or remove the provisions contained on this website without prior notice.​

Verification Schedule

Document Verification and/or Vendor Qualification Schedule
  1. Document Verification and/or Vendor Qualification are conducted on a quarterly basis, namely in March, June, September and December.
  2. Document verification and/or vendor qualification are required at Bank Indonesia Head Office and Bank Indonesia Representative Offices.

Application Technical Guidance

To enhance procurement quality, Bank Indonesia developed the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) application as part of its BIMASAKTI strategic project.
The i-Supplier Portal module in the ERP system replaces the BISPro (Bank Indonesia e-Procurement System) in order to effectively, efficiently, transparently and accountably present information concerning the procurement process along with other premium services.


Announcement Date Job Name Registration Deadline Status Hits
19 January 2024 I​nstructor For IHT Dealer/Portofolio Manager Year 2024​
23 January 2024

Open for RFI

03 March 2023 Procurement of Lifecycle and Pulse Survey Services in 2023
10 March 2023

Open for RFI


Procurement History

Announcement Date Job Name Registration Deadline Status Hits
No Article Available


For newly registered applicant vendors, please select the location of the nearest Bank Indonesia Representative Office.  Document verification will be performed at the place of registration. 

For vendors with a User ID and password, data can be updated along with participation in the procurement process at the following link:​​​ ​

Announcement of Inventory Auction

In conjunction with the State Assets and Auction Services Office (KPKNL) Jakarta I, Bank Indonesia is auctioning various inventory items through a mandatory non-execution auction using internet-based closed bidding, including logistics equipm​ent, information technology, as well as various types and brands of cash machines owned by Bank Indonesia as per the following link:​.

Publication Date Job Name Hits
27 September 2019 Auction Announcement No.21/2/DPLF-GPL-PPA/Peng/B, dated 27th September 2019 1183

Contact Details

Strategic Procurement Department
Komplek Perkantoran Bank Indonesia,
Gedung Kebon Sirih, lt. 3 dan 4,
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.2, Jakarta​ Pusat
(021) 2981 8551
(021) 2981 6272​
(021) 2981 2756
Email: ​

Document Verification is only available on business days. 

Vendors domiciled in JABODETABEK can verify original documents at Komplek Perkantoran Bank Indonesia Gd. Kebon Sirih Lt.4 – Contact Management Division (Pkn). 

Vendors domiciled outside JABODETABEK can verify original documents at nearest Bank Indonesia Representative Office.​


  1. Open the ERP-iSLM webpage.
  2. Create User ID and password in the ‘Vendor Registration’ menu.
  3. Complete all vendor data required on the ERP-iSLM webpage.
  4. Upload colour scanned copies of the original supporting documentation as required on the ERP-iSLM webpage.
  5. Verify original documents at Bank Indonesia Head Office or a Representative Office.
  6. On-site vendor survey.
  7. pproval process is based on verified documentation and on-site vendor survey.
The following data and information are required:
  1. Supplier (company name, tax country, tax registration number, email, last name).
  2. Address Book (address name/legal arrangement, country, address line 1/workshop/operational, city, postcode)​.
  3. Business Field (select a minimum of one category as primary business field).
  4. Bank Details (bank name, branch name, account number, account name, currency)​.​

Use the Login Assistance link and complete username with registered company email address before clicking Reset Password.

The account registered in the system is the Head Office account.  Branch office data can be added to the Head Office account data. ​​

In the event of a change of Person in Charge (PIC), log into the system and update the existing PIC data in the ‘General’ menu

  1. ​Document Verification and/or Vendor Qualification are conducted on a quarterly basis, namely in March, June, September and December.​
  2. Document verification and/or vendor qualification are required at Bank Indonesia Head Office and Bank Indonesia Representative Offices​.​

The original document verification process is performed at Bank Indonesia Head Office or the Bank Indonesia Representative Office nearest to the legal domicile of the vendor.

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