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Capacity Building for BICARA 131 Solvers
29 August 2020• Hits 1525

Seeking to optimise public information services management, including compliance with the Public Information Disclosure Act, Bank Indonesia manages stakeholder communications and provides public information services through the Bank Indonesia Contact Cent

​ Bank Indonesia organised Netifest 2020 to promote QR Code Indonesian Standard (QR).  The event is also a vlog and blog competition entitled “QRIS: Digital Payments à la Millennials”.  The competition, which ran from September-Novembe

​ Who hasn’t heard of Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona? The BICARA 131 Contact Centre has great news from there.  Bank Indonesia has been recognised and honoured at the Contact Centre World – Global Awards 2019, an annual competition tha

The Central Information Commission of the Republic of Indonesia (KIP) rates public institutions in terms of implementing Act No.14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure by Government Ministries, State Institutions, State Universities, S

The Indonesia Public Relations Awards (AHI) 2019 are a Government Public Relations competition amongst government ministries, state institutions, regional governments, state-owned enterprises and municipally-owned enterprises (BUMD) throughout Ind

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