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8/30/2019 12:00 AM
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Bank Indonesia receives Public Relations Award 2019

The Indonesia Public Relations Awards (AHI) 2019 are a Government Public Relations competition amongst government ministries, state institutions, regional governments, state-owned enterprises and municipally-owned enterprises (BUMD) throughout Indonesia. The Indonesia Public Relations Awards are organised by HUMAS INDONESIA, consisting of public relations experts, independent PR consultants/agents, marketing experts as well as branding experts, which aims to create a strategic and contributive role for public relations and, therefore, a positive image and reputation for the Government and state institutions.


Held in Jakarta on 30th August 2019, the Indonesia Public Relations Awards (AHI) 2019 recognised Bank Indonesia with its highest Platinum Award, after winning four predicates in five categories for Public Information Services, namely; (i) most innovative information services application; (ii) most innovative public information services space; (iii) most innovative public information management and presentation; (iv) most innovative public information services reporting based on positive exposure in online media.  Bank Indonesia was also recognised for most popular online media in 2019 at a state institution.


The awards demonstrate Bank Indonesia's tangible commitment to providing the best public information services in line with the era of public information disclosure ushered in by Act No.14 of 28 concerning Public Information Disclosure, where Bank Indonesia plays an active role in the information disclosure movement and provides equal opportunities for all members of the public to access information through various official communication channels.  The achievement also serves as evidence that Bank Indonesia continuously strives to innovate in terms of providing the best public services in order to maintain public expectations and a positive reputation.


Awards Received by Bank Indonesia at AHI 2019



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