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1/18/2020 12:00 AM
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Netifest 2020, BI Implicates Millennials as Promoters of QRIS Policy

Bank Indonesia organised Netifest 2020 to promote QR Code Indonesian Standard (QR).  The event is also a vlog and blog competition entitled “QRIS: Digital Payments à la Millennials”.  The competition, which ran from September-November 2019, attracted 1,707 entrants, totalling 586 blogs and 1,121 vlogs.

Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Destry Damayanti, stated that “Understanding amongst millennials concerning the latest economic and technological developments will be increased through BI Netifest 2020.  This creative industry contributes around 7% of the Indonesian economy.”

Bank Indonesia is firmly committed to supporting youth potential in the creative industries.  They have the potential to develop the industry as public promoters through their creative works. BI Netifest 2020 is the peak of FeskaBI activities, which help millennials recognise the opportunities afforded by digital economic development in Indonesia.

The winners of the BI Netifest 2020 Vlog and Blog Completion are as follows:


Blog Competition

Winner:           Masruro

Runner-up:      Umi Marfathonah

3rd Place:         Dian Restu Agu


One-minute Video Competition

Winner:           Leonard Gahansa

Runner-up:      Bhekti Setyowibowo

3rd Place:         Diego Armando Takaredase


Vlog Competition

Winner:           Steeve Muntu

Runner-up:      Mahendrayana Setiawan Triatmaja

3rd Place:         Sigit Rizky Ramadhan


Animated Movie Competition

Winner:           Sudibyo Saputro

Runner-up:      Catya Wido Ahmad

3rd Place:         Mohammad Najib


Short Movie Competition

Winner:           Sarwadiono

Runner-up:      Muh Irwan Setiawan

3rd Place:         Ali Mulyaman

Through this event, millennials are expected to obtain greater understanding of digital payments using standardised QR code, while simultaneously endorsing QRIS amongst the broader community.  Moving forward, Bank Indonesia will continue to provide education and socialisation activities in order to enhance public understanding of Bank Indonesia’s latest policies.

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