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11/9/2019 7:00 AM
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Syariah Economic Festival Celebration 2019

Fesyar-2019-Museum-1.jpgBank Indonesia held the annual Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar), as a form of support towards Indonesian vision as the center of world’s sharia economy and financial development. The third Sharia Economic Festival event this year was held in Surabaya, East Java on November 6 - 9 2019.

With the theme "Building Sharia Economy Synergy in Indonesia", the event was officially opened by the Governor of East Java, Mrs. Khofifah Indar Parawansa, accompanied by Member of Parliament, Ms. Indah Kurnia; Deputy Governor of BI, Mr. Dody Budi Waluyo; as well as the Head of the BI Regional Representative Office of East Java, Mr. Difi Ahmad Johansyah.

Purposed to improve the potential and opportunities for sharia economics and business in Indonesia, this event presented talkshows & seminars attended by thousands of visitors from diverse backgrounds, ranging from business people to students. Not only that, this activity also facilitated 144 SMEs to introduce their products.

In order to increase public enthusiasm, several well-known public figures such as Melly Goeslow, Arie Untung, and Tina Talisa also enlivened the event through talk show. Additionally, further performances from famous Indonesian bands, such as Padi and Gigi were also preformed during the event.

During the festival, Museum Bank Indonesia as a form of education and recreation tool for the public participated in the event by open a special booth which was equipped with numismatic collections, monetary gold bar replica, as well as educational videos. Some of the collections are intended as a learning tools for the visitors. The most interesting part of Museum Bank Indonesia’s booth is the collection of uncirculated money from the Dutch occupation era, the Japanese occupation era, to the Revolution era, and also since Indonesia’s independence as well. Besides, the rupiah puzzle game and Kahoot also received great enthusiasm during the exhibition.

Because of the great visitors’ enthusiasm during the exhibition, Museum Bank Indonesia was awarded as one of the best booth from dozens which were participated. Through FESyar 2019, this event was expected to be able to encourage the rise of the sharia economy as a new economic source that supports country's economic growth.


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