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“Magic Coin”, Unordinary Money
29 January 2020• Hits 7225

Among many coins in the past, there is one type of money that was also used as a talisman, called “magic coin”. “Magic Coin” or talisman coin is more popularly known as Wayang Gobog because most of the characters are coming from the characters in waya

The use of Chinese characters in circulated banknotes in Indonesia first occurred with DJB Series of “Frame II”. The money was printed by DJB in Johan Enschede en Zonen, printing, Netherlands. The Chinese characters were printed along with Latin, Arabic-M

Jakarta, January 17th, 2020, Bank Indonesia held an awarding night for blog and vlog contest participants in which millennials who have actively participated in disseminating BI's latest policies in the digital payment platform, namely QRIS (Quick Respons

Makassar, January 11th 2020, in the beginning of 2020 Museum BI in collaboration with BICARA (BI Call and InteRAction) greeted #SahabatMuseumBI and #SobatRupiah in Makassar for DIGIFEST or Digital Festival. The two-day event aims to encourage the implemen

Jakarta 2019, Museum Bank Indonesia as a public space and communicator of Bank Indonesia's policy took part in supporting and providing place for the creative industries of millennial generation in the digital economy era through “Pasar Inspirasi (Inspira

Bank Indonesia held the annual Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar), as a form of support towards Indonesian vision as the center of world’s sharia economy and financial development. The third Sharia Economic Festival event this year was held in Surabaya, Ea

BI Education Festival Chapter Solo
9 November 2019• Hits 1389

Solo, 9 November 2019, as a factual evidence from the development of the National Cashless Movement (GNNT) implementation, Bank Indonesia held FESKABI (Bank Indonesia Education Festival) at the Auditorium of Sebelas Maret University (Solo). This event aim

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