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12/31/2019 12:00 AM
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Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar) for Sumatra Region held in Palembang

FESyar Palembang was themed “Strengthening the Islamic Economy to Stimulate Regional Economic Growth”. Transactions at FESyar Semarang Semarang totalled Rp2.112 trillion, including Rp604 million from the booths and Rp2.111 trillion from business matching.

Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar) for Eastern Indonesia Region held in Banjarmasin 

FESyar Eastern Indonesia was themed “Moving Together with the Islamic Economy”. Transactions at FESyar in Banjarmasin totalled Rp2.56 trillion.

Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar) for Java Region held in Surabaya

FESyar Surabaya was themed “Synergy between Pesantren and the Halal Industry towards Islamic Economic Development”. Transactions at FESyar Surabaya totalled Rp19.367 trillion, including Rp100.86 billion from the booths and Rp19.26 trillion from business matching​.​

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