What's New on BI Website 2020

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What’s New on BI Website 2020

Bank Indonesia's website and mobile application have an attractive new look and more convenient search function for information. As the primary media for publications, information, policies, and news, the Bank Indonesia website and mobile application are now accessible anywhere and at any time.  This is consistent with Bank Indonesia's commitment to manage and maintain public information disclosure and ensure convenient access for all.

Consisting of seven main menus, the information presented on Bank Indonesia's website concerning Bank Indonesia's duties and responsibilities is well structured, allowing more convenient browsing through the following menus:

  1. ABOUT BI: Contains information concerning the organisational profile, history and transformation of Bank Indonesia.
  2. MAIN FUNCTIONS: Contains information concerning Bank Indonesia's duties and responsibilities in terms of creating and maintaining rupiah stability.
  3. RUPIAH: Contains information concerning rupiah currency management as legal tender in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. PUBLICATIONS: Contains reports, studies, press releases and articles concerning Bank Indonesia's tasks and activities.
  5. STATISTICS: Contains historical indicators reflecting economic conditions in Indonesia.
  6. SERVICES: Contains information concerning requests for information, consumer complaints, licensing, visits and other services.
  7. PUBLIC INFORMATION: Contains regulations concerning public information disclosure as managed and maintained by Bank Indonesia as a public institution.

In addition to the seven main menu items, an Education menu provides access to various materials concerning central banking that can be studied to become more familiar with Bank Indonesia.  This strengthens the role and contribution of Bank Indonesia's website in terms of increasing public literacy regarding central banking.

Searching for information, diverse publications and statistics on Bank Indonesia's website is now more convenient than ever.  Complete with a search box, information is now presented with sorting and filtering options based on various categories.  Furthermore, historical data concerning Indonesia's economy can be accessed and downloaded with greater convenience.

In addition, Bank Indonesia's website now provides an independent information services portal with direct access to a BICARA 131 agent to request information or submit a consumer complaint.  Via this portal, the status of requests for information and consumer complaints can be monitored with ease.

All the expediency provided when searching for information on the website has been extended to the optimised Bank Indonesia mobile application.  With a simple design, information on Bank Indonesia has never been more accessible.  Meanwhile, the e-Magazine feature, which provides access to BICARA Magazine as well as the interesting and informative content contained within, is also available via the Bank Indonesia mobile application.


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