Bangka Belitung Island Province Bank Indonesia Representative Office


Deputy Director – Head of Bangka Belitung Island Province Bank Indonesia Representative Office




Jl. Jendral Sudirman 51
​Pangkal Pinang
​​Telephone​: (0717) 422311
Fax: (​0717)42241

Bangka Belitung Islands (Babel) province spans 16,424km² with a population of 1,372,813.  Administratively, Bangka Belitung is subdivided into one city (Pangkal Pinang) and six regencies (Bangka, West Bangka, South Bangka, Central Bangka, Belitung, East Belitung). Comprised of two main islands, namely Bangka and Belitung, Bangka Belitung it is entirely surrounded by water, with Sumatra island to the east.

The four main economic contributors in Bangka Belitung are as follows:

1. Manufacturing industry;
2. Agriculture, forestry and fishing;
3. Wholesale and retail trade; and
4. Mining (PT Timah Tbk).

The Bangka Belitung Islands are endowed with numerous unspoiled beaches and giant granite rock formations, which have become features of the islands. Furthermore, the famous blue Kaolin Lake is located on Bangka Island, formed by an old lead quarry.

The Bangka Belitung Islands province is under the jurisdiction of the Bank Indonesia Representative Office in Bangka Belitung Islands, which was established as a partner of local government to supervise the payment system as well as promote financial inclusion and SME development.

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