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4/30/2014 9:00 AM
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2013 Economic Report on Indonesia

Laporan Perekonomian

Maintaining Stability, Advancing Structural Reform For Sustainable Economic Growth
The year 2013 was replete with changes and challenges for the Indonesian economy. While a range of structural issues had yet to be resolved, changes in global economic conditions during 2013 brought with them new threats to macroeconomic stability and the sustainability of economic growth. The policy mix pursued by Bank Indonesia and the Government successfully steered the economy towards a more balance growth and restored macroeconomic stability. Looking ahead, Indonesia’s economic outlook is expected to improve, despite the various risks that call for anticipatory measures. In 2014, Bank Indonesia policy will remain focused on maintaining macroeconomic stability. These efforts, however, still need support from accelerated structural reforms with the objective of pursuing sustainable economic growth.

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