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Bank Indonesia regularly optimises its cash services for the banking industry and public. Cash services are provided in the operational area of Bank Indonesia’s head office and 45 domestic representative offices located in all 34 provinces of Indonesia.  Based on the local time, cash services are available every workday from 08.30 until 12.00 (11.30 on Fridays).

In addition to internal cash services with a focus on bank deposit and withdrawal services as well as exchanging damaged, worn and withdrawn notes and coins, external cash services are provided at bustling public places, including markets, exhibitions, campuses and government office complexes, as well as in remote, frontier and outermost regions in conjunction with the Government and Indonesian Navy.  External cash services function to exchange currency that is unfit for circulation (worn, defaced or damaged) with currency fit for circulation of the same or different denominations as well as to exchange currency that has been withdrawn from circulation. (tautan daftar uang yang dicabut dan periode penukarannya)

Bank Indonesia will exchange genuine worn notes and coins of the same face value. Bank Indonesia will also exchange damaged notes and coins of the same face value if the currency is genuine in accordance with specific requirements and criteria.  If the currency cannot be authenticated, a form must be signed to request further investigation in order to authenticate the damaged notes or coins.  Damaged currency that is difficult to authenticate can be sent to Bank Indonesia in an appropriate package and the results of the investigation and exchange value will subsequently be notified.

Complete information on exchanging damaged or worn notes and coins is available in the Guidebook for Exchanging Currency Unfit for Circulation (link).  Meanwhile, to meet public demand for currency in the approach and during a festive period, Bank Indonesia increases the intensity of cash services.  The availability and location of external cash services can be obtained through the BICARA 131 contact centre or by following the official Twitter account, @bank_indonesia, for the latest news.

In addition, to mark new rupiah editions as the monetary unit of the Republic of Indonesia as well as to foster numismatic activity, Bank Indonesia also issues uncut notes in pairs and four pieces.  The uncut notes are available in denominations of Rp100,000 - Rp1,000 and printed in limited runs.  Further information concerning the sale value and mechanism to obtain uncut notes is available at the following link.​​


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