Payment System and Financial Market Infrastructure Statistics (PSFMI)

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​Bank For International Settlements (BIS) Publications​​

In accordance with Bank Indonesia's membership in The Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) in 2018, BI submitted statistical data sets on Payment System every year according to the methodology in The Red Book Statistics. CPMI is one of the comittees in Bank for International Settlements (BIS) that has become a global standard setter in the Payment System, clearing and settlement which has formed to strengthen regulations, policies and global best practices in order to increase the security and efficiency of payment, clearing, settlement, and to support financial stability. CPMI publishes The Red Book Statistics as the reference works on payment systems in key countries periodically. The objective is to contribute to enhance public understanding and raise awareness of the way payment systems work in different countries.

The Red Book Statistics includes a number of standard indicators related to important elements of financial market infrastructure. This statistical compilation aims to provide an overview of developments in the use of payment instruments and financial market infrastructure over time and across countries. Some indicators contained within the Red Book Statistics i.e stock of money available for payments, institutions offering payment instruments/services, number of payment cards and terminals, volume of cashless payments and withdrawal/deposit transactions.

The Indonesia Red Book Statistics, consists of 19 tables that include basic statistical data, settlement media used by banks and non-bank institutions, stock of money, and institutions offering payment instruments/services. These statistics are compiled by several Department at the Bank Indonesia and relevant institutions, including the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK), Indonesian Central Securities Depository (PT. KSEI) and Indonesia Stock Market Clearing House (PT. KPEI).​

The Indonesia Red Book Statistics and comparative tables published by CPMI can be accessed via thi​s link.​


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