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History Rp 20.000,00

Rp 20.000,00​

Oto Iskandar Di Nata, a National Hero

Obverse Side​

Oto Iskandar Di Nata is a National Hero from Bandung, West Java. He was also known as the “Jalak Harupat”, Sundanese for rooster, that reflects his bravery in fighting for Indonesia liberation from the Dutch. His nickname is also used as the name of Bandung Football Stadium, where the famous Indonesian football team, Persib Bandung, resides.

Reverse Side

An image of two tea leaf pickers working on a plantation. Tea plantation can be found in many parts of Indonesia, especially in West Java. The tea quality from this plantation has been recognized and known worldwide.
Uncut Banknotes

U​​​nc​​ut Banknotes of Bank Indonesia



Series / Emission Year
The Na​​tional Heroes Series / Year 2004 (Upgrading)

​Denomination Rp20,000​​
Issuing Date​

August 1, 2011

​Signatory Mr. Darmin Nasution, Mr. Halim Alamsyah
Oto Iskandar Di Nata,
a National Hero

Cotton Fibers
​Size​ 147 x 65 mm
Dominant Colors​​​​​​​

​- Obverse SideGreen
​- Reverse SideGreen
Main Design
​- Obverse Side
Oto Iskandar Di Nata, a National Hero

​- Reverse Side The tea leaf pickers​
​- Reverse Side
Two rectangular - Blind Code that gives tactile feels to finger touch​

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