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History Rp 20.000,00

Rp 20.000,00​

Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratulangi


The obverse portrays the national hero of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr G.S.S.J. Ratulangi, as the main image. The national emblem of Garuda Pancasila is also featured along with images of the Indonesian Archipelago, the Black Orchid (coelogyne pandurata) and several motifs native to Indonesia.


The reverse portrays the Gong Dance set against the natural beauty of the Derawan Islands, combined with the elegance of the Black Orchid (coelogyne pandurata). In addition, several motifs native to Indonesia adorn the reverse of the Rp20,000 banknote.​​

Name Bank Indonesia Banknote
Year of Issue 2022
Date of Issue 17th August 2022
Withdrawn from circulation-
Signatories Governor of Bank Indonesia and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia
WatermarkDr G.S.S.J. Ratulangi
Cotton Fibre
Dimensions141 x 65mm
Dominant Colours
- ObverseGreen
- ReverseGreen
Main Image
- ObverseDr G.S.S.J. Ratulangi
- Reverse Derawan Islands, Black Orchid (Coelogyne Pandurata)

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