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Ultra Violet

Obverse Side Rupiah

Reverse Side Rupiah

History Rp 1.000,00

Rp 1.000,00​

Tjut Meutia, a National Heroine

Obverse Side​

Tjut Meutia is one of the symbols of pride among the Indonesian woman. She was brave and never felt bridled by her status as a woman. Armed with Rencong, a traditional knife from Aceh, she joined the battlefield to defend her homeland from the invaders.

Reverse Side

Tifa dance from Papua is a symbol of gratitude which is also danced to welcome guests. Banda Neira was known as a trading center for nutmeg, mace and high value spices until the mid-19th century. Larat Orchid flower is an endemic plant to Moluccas and became one of Indonesian iconic flowers.
Banknotes ​of Bank Indonesia

Series / Emission Year
The National Heros Series / Year 2016
Issuing Date​
December 19, 2016

Mr. Perry Warjiyo​, 
Ms. Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Tjut Meutia, a National Heroine

Cotton Fibers
141 x 65 mm

Dominant ​​Colors
​- Obverse SideGreen

​- Reverse SideGreen

Main Design

​- Obverse Side
Tjut Meutia, a National Heroine
​- Reverse Side

Tifa Dancer, Natural Scenery of Banda Neira, Larat Orchid Flower​

Safety Element - Viewed

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Safety Element - Touched

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DIRABA 1Ribu-4.png

Safety Element - Telescoped

DITERAWAN 1Ribu-5.png

DITERAWAN 1Ribu-6.gif

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