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Ultra Violet

Obverse Side Rupiah

Reverse Side Rupiah

History Rp 2.000,00

Rp 2.000,00​

Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin, a National Hero

Obverse Side​

Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin was known as a Betawi figure, even though he is a Dutch descendants. He was raised by an uncle from his mother’s side, who was a native Betawi, which made Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin closer to Betawi culture.

Reverse Side

Plate dance from Minangkabau, West Sumatera, is a ritual dance as gratitude for the Gods for a successful harvest. Sianok Canyon is an icon of tourism mainstay of West Sumatra, which was formed due to the declining of the earth’s plates and became fractures. Jeumpa Flower is an iconic flora of Aceh which symbolizes beauty.​
Banknotes of Bank Indonesia

Series / Emission Year
The National Heros Series / Year 2016
Issuing Date​
December 19, 2016
Mr. Perry Warjiyo​, 
Ms. Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Prince Antasari, a National Hero

Cotton Fibers
141 x 65 mm

Dominant Colors
​- Obverse SideGrey

​- Reverse SideGrey

Main Design

​- Obverse Side
Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin, a National Hero
​- Reverse Side

Minangkabau Plate Dancer, Panorama of The Sianok Canyon, Jeumpa Flower.​​

Safety Element - Viewed

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Safety Element - Touched

DIRABA 2Ribu-3.png

DIRABA 2Ribu-4.png

Safety Element - Telescoped

DITERAWANG 2Ribu-5.png

DITERAWANG 2Ribu-6.gif

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