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Ultra Violet

Obverse Side Rupiah

Reverse Side Rupiah

History Rp 100.000,00

Rp 100.000,00​

Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Soekarno and Dr. (H.C.) Drs. Mohammad Hatta, the National Heroes

Obverse Side​

Soekarno, the first Indonesian President, earned 26 Honoris Causa doctoral degrees from universities around the world, while Mohammad Hatta, Indonesian first Vice President of Indonesia, honoured with 7 Honoris Causa doctoral degrees.
On the 100,000 Rupiah banknotes denomination issued on 2016, their title was renewed to Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Soekarno and Dr. (H.C.) Drs. Mohammad Hatta.

Reverse Side

Betawi Mask Dance is generally performed on the traditional Betawi wedding ceremony. Raja Ampat in Sorong, Papua is known to the world for its underwater beauty and biodiversity.​
Moon Orchid flower is one of the Indonesian native flowers which was discovered by a Dutch botanist, Carl Ludwig Blume.​​
Banknotes ​of Bank Indonesia

Series / Emission Year
The National Heros Series / Year 2016
Issuing Date​
December 19, 2016
Mr. Perry Warjiyo​, 
Ms. Sri Mulyani Indrawati
W. R. Soepratman, a National Hero

Cotton Fibers
151 x 65 mm

Dominant ​​Colors
​- Obverse SideRed

​- Reverse SideRed

Main Design

​- Obverse Side
Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Soekarno and Dr. (H.C.) Drs. Mohammad Hatta, The National Heroes
​- Reverse Side

Betawi Mask Dancer, Scenery of Raja Ampat Moon Orchid Flower

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