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Report on The Roles of ASEAN Central Banks in Managing Climate and Environment-related Risks

27 November 2020
Financial System Review

Structural Model Approach of Household Debt

30 August 2007
Financial System Review

Financial Market Developments in Indonesia

3 July 2006
Financial System Review

The Determinants of Problem Banks in Indonesia (An Empirical Study)

2 July 2006
Financial System Review

Early Warning System in Property Financing

30 October 2005
Financial System Review

Indonesia's Banking Crisis Resolution

28 October 2005
Financial System Review
Financial Stability Review
The Financial Stability Review (FSR) is Bank Indonesia's foremost publication in terms of financial system stability, containing assessment results and research conducted by Bank Indonesia in the execution of duties as the macroprudential regulatory and supervisory authority.  Each edition presents the latest macrofinancial assessments of the financial system for the current reporting period, while mapping financial system vulnerabilities in Indonesia, the risks faced as well as financial system resilience against the fragilities faced.  In addition, FSR outlines Bank Indonesia's policy response as well as the outlook for financial system stability in the subsequent period.

FSR provides public information concerning financial system stability conditions and raises salient issues as a public reference in the decision-making process, ultimately building common concern regarding financial system stability in Indonesia.

  1. Central Bank Law Bulletin (Buletin) is produced by the Legal Affairs Department at Bank Indonesia each semester (6 months) to publicly disseminate information and studies concerning central banking laws and legal affairs, while serving as a quality forum to accommodate the various ideas of authors concerning central banking laws and legal affairs.
  2. The Bulletin contains articles written by competent internal and external authors (compiled by legal researchers in the Legal Affairs Department at Bank Indonesia).  The articles contained in the Bulletin are assessed by the Internal Editorial Board of the Legal Affairs Department at Bank Indonesia and peer reviewed by internal and external reviewers.
  3. ​In addition to internal dissemination as a reference for task implementation at Bank Indonesia, the Bulletin is also distributed to external parties, including the Faculty of Law at various universities, print media, banking industry, relevant government institution/agencies and BI Corners located at various universities and schools.​

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