Bank Indonesia Annual Meeting 2022

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The Annual Meeting of Bank Indonesia (PTBI) is the flagship high-level event organised by Bank Indonesia annually since 1969.  The main agenda of the PTBI is to present BI views on national economic conditions, the challenges faced and policy direction moving forward, while also conveying the remarks of the President of the Republic of Indonesia concerning government policy moving forward.  Those views and policy direction are eagerly anticipated by all stakeholders and are used as a reference, especially for industry participants, investors and the business community, when determining various policies and the business direction moving forward. 

National economic dynamics throughout 2022 have shown continuous improvement despite various challenges.  The domestic economic gains are inextricably linked to strong policy response synergy between the Government, Bank Indonesia and other relevant authorities.  The national policy mix is implemented to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the various emerging challenges, thus creating optimism in terms of accelerating the economic recovery in Indonesia.  Such optimism must be maintained to accelerate the national economic recovery and revival towards Advanced Indonesia.  In this regard, Bank Indonesia remains firmly committed to maintaining and strengthening optimism towards national economic revival momentum, including through PTBI 2022. More information is available by visiting the PTBI website via . 

Live Streaming

[LIVESTREAMING] Pertemuan Tahunan Bank Indonesia 2022


Press Release

Bank Indonesia Projects 4.5-5.3% Economic Growth and Inflation to Return to the 3.0%±1% Target Range in 2023​

Governor Sp​eeches​

Speech Governor of Bank Indonesia, Perry Warjiyo at Bank Indonesia's Annual Meeting 2022


Governor Speech



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