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The Bank Indonesia Library houses a collection of knowledge on monetary economics, financial system stability, the payment system, rupiah management, law, management and other topics for self-improvement to support work, research and education.  In addition, the library also provides the best curated collections that have been reviewed as reference materials and to illustrate the ideas contained within the books.

In addition to such collections, the BI Library also satisfies other reading requirements covering a comprehensive collection of subjects, including language, TOEFL, IELTS, information technology, psychology, religion, hobbies, entrepreneurship and more, using physical and non-physical collections.

A diverse online collection to which the BI Library subscribes is also freely available to all walk-in customers at head office and 44 representative offices, including SCOPUS, ScienceDirect, JSTOR, Proquest, Emerald, Personnel Psychology, Payment Strategy & Systems, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, IMF database, BMI Research, EPFR Global, Bank Focus, Hukum Online, Gartner, Forrester, ISACA, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Islamic Finance News, Asian Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Dot Solution (various national dan online newspapers).

In addition to physical collections, digital books are also available to be enjoyed at any time and place through the iBI Library application ‘Bank Indonesia Digital Library’, which can be downloaded through Google Play Store (android smartphones) or​ (desktop).

A Balanced Scorecard Framework for Internal Auditing Departments
Author: FRIGO, Mark L
Year: 2002
A Basic Guide to Exporting
Author: INTERNATIONAL Trade Administration
Year: 2011
A Beginner`s guide to structural equation modeling
Author: SCHUMACKER, Randall E.;LOMAX, Richard G.
Year: 2004
A Brief History of Economic Thought
Author: Alessandro Roncaglia
Year: 2017
A Calender of Soviet Treaties 1974- 1980
Author: GINSBURGS, George(ed)
Year: 1987
A Call for character
Author: ZOSCHAK, Greg
Year: 1991

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